I have been taking a certain brand antidepressant because I cannot tolerate the generic version. My insurance company penalized me for taking the brand medication because there was a generic available and they wanted me to take the generic. In 2016 the insurance company required me to pay $100 a month for the brand medication. In 2017 I am now required to pay over $1000 EACH MONTH for the brand medication.

I just found out that my refill was going to cost this. I cannot afford to wean off the medication and my current bottle runs out in two weeks. I am now skipping doses to make the medicine last longer and to help me quit cold turkey if I cannot secure medicine from Canada. Quitting this medicine suddenly is going to cause severe side effects but with the cost of my medicine now at $15,600 a year, almost half what I take home after taxes, there is no way I can continue to take it.

Canada is my only hope now.

America is the land of the sick, home of the poor, run by the greedy.