easyDNS stands up for legit pharmacy domains, affordable meds

There have been some interesting developments regarding the take down of online pharmacy domains lately. Over the weekend, the FDA asked easyDNS, a website registrar, to take a pharmacy website down based on reports that someone died after ordering a controlled substance from the site.

We consider this an appropriate response due to the graveness of the situation and the fact that the medication was a controlled substance that was being sold without a doctor’s prescription.

RxRights supports actions to stop rogue pharmacies that present public health risks by selling controlled substances without a prescription and/or fake or counterfeit medicine. However, recent FDA actions have muddied the distinction between these rogues and the legitimate international online pharmacies that millions of Americans depend on each year to access medicine they can afford.

easyDNS complied with the FDA’s request and instituted a policy for pharmacy domain takedowns. The new policy: “Any website / domain shipping drugs over the internet must be able to produce a valid pharmacy license on demand for any country they are shipping to or face summary suspension / termination of services.”

Legitimate international online pharmacies will be able to produce a valid pharmacy license. But the problem is that it applies to the country they operate from (not the country they are shipping to). This means even safe international pharmacies could be subject to website takedown without a court order. We are gravely concerned about policies like this that could harm public health by cutting off access to legitimate pharmacies that provide access to safe, affordable medicine.

We were pleased to see that easyDNS modified their policy to include “OR they are approved by PharmacyChecker.com.” This modification favors consumers and ensures that domain takedowns won’t jeopardize access to safe and affordable imported prescription drugs.

This action took guts. The pressure from the government and others must have been immense. We applaud easyDNS’s principled stance!


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