New bill addresses skyrocketing drug prices

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) just introduced comprehensive legislation to address the outrageous prices of prescription drugs. The Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015 aims to bring down drug prices through a variety of measures.

Though we don’t endorse political candidates, RxRights signed on to support this legislation. You might recall that we worked with the offices of Senator Sanders and Representative Cummings earlier this year on their investigation into rising generic drug prices. It’s rare that Congress stands up to Big Pharma on issues related to drug pricing and we’re pleased to see that Sen. Sanders continues to raise the profile of this issue at the national level.

“Americans should not have to live in fear that they will go bankrupt if they get sick. People should not have to go without the medication they need just because their elected officials aren’t willing to challenge the drug and health care industry lobby,” Sanders said in a press release.

The Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015 would:

  • Enable Medicare to negotiate for better drug prices
  • Increase penalties for pharma fraud
  • Ban pay-for-delay deals that keep cheaper generic drugs off the market
  • Legalize importation of lower-cost drugs from Canada
  • Require more transparency from drugmakers on drug pricing

A recent Kasier Family Foundation poll showed that many of these measures have wide public support.

Consumer input is crucial to keep the momentum going on this fight to bring down drug prices. We encourage you to sign Senator Sanders’ petition stating your support for this bill. Click here to access the petition.

15 Comments On “New bill addresses skyrocketing drug prices”

  1. I support this bill.

  2. Middle Class Americans! We need this COMMON SENSE legislation. Those who oppose are in the pharmaceutical companies pockets. SAVE US. Save lives!!!

  3. Why just medicare. What about us working people? Case in point. Treatment for Hep C in US cost 80,000.00. In India same treatment is 2,000.00.

  4. Take action now, we can’t afford some of our drugs, they are too high and keep rising.

  5. Yes, bring down drug cost, they are too high, we can’t afford our medications

  6. All measures needed; but will be unsuccessful unless citizens demand support for the bill from each of their respective Congressmen and Senators. Don’t let “Big Pharma’s” money and lobbyists prevail again.

  7. Its time we tell Republicans that protecting huge profits of drug companies by letting them rape the american public is not all right. This bill is great and everyone should support it, including the Republican congress.

  8. It’s about time, thank you Mr.Sanders

  9. It’s about time something was done about drug pricing. Good for Senator Sanders, he’s a good man.

  10. Sharon and Larry Leedham

    Big Pharmacy has gotten away with charging hundreds of dollars a refill for some drugs costing less than a penny per pill to manufacture. It’s time to support this legislation, and say a resounding “NO!” to Big Pharma and their powerful lobby representatives.

  11. My Medicare plan no longer covers brand name for some drugs. They only cover the generic drug. Generics do not relieve my pain. I am paying $300 out of pocket. Please help.

  12. My eye drops, to lower eye pressure to prevent
    glaucoma, are $27 for very small 3 ml. bottle via a Canadian pharmacy. My current
    supply came from India. The Walgreen’s near me sells the same bottle/same
    stuff for $149. It’s disgusting. I know this supply works because
    I just had my pressure checked. The corporate office of the
    pharma co. in the States which makes the drug will not acknowledge
    that they have a relationship with foreign manufacturers, but they will tell me
    that ordering from a Canadian pharmacy is illegal. I said too bad – no one
    can tell me where to buy my eye drops. I support anything that will get our government out of bed with Big Pharma. It’s amazing that as long as enough money is available to politicians, it will “buy” what is wrong and bad for the citizens of this country.

  13. I have had the same experience as Lynn. One 3 ml eye drop ordered for my cateract surgery was going to cost $169 at the cheapest pharmacy. I was able to get one bottle of the same brand from Canada for $46. If I ordered 2 bottles one for the first eye and one for the second it was $68. I too am disgusted with Big Pharma and Big Government. I feel like no one is representing me. They are all out for themselves.

  14. Have you ever heard of the filibuster ?

  15. Amen!

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