Petition urges Congress to legalize importation of Canadian meds

We’ve launched a petition today to support pending legislation to legalize the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. Click here to sign! And see our press release below:

The prices of some generic medications have skyrocketed in the past year—increasing as much as 1000 percent. Brand name and specialty drug prices are on the rise too. According to the Commonwealth Fund, 35 million Americans did not fill a prescription in 2014 because they could not afford to.

RxRights, a national group concerned with the high cost of medication says that legislation to legalize personal importation from Canada could provide a needed alternative for patients. The group is urging consumers to sign a petition in support of importation legislation.

In January, Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced S.122, the Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act of 2015, which would legalize the personal importation of prescription medication from approved pharmacies in Canada. Last week, Representatives Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) introduced a similar bill, H.R. 2228, in the House.

The bills would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to promulgate regulations to permit individuals to import a 90-day supply of medication from Canada. It would also require the Secretary to publicize a list of approved Canadian pharmacies in order to help ensure consumer safety.

“Americans have been importing their medicine from legitimate pharmacies in Canada for nearly two decades with no reports of adverse effects,” says Lee Graczyk, lead organizer for RxRights “This is a common sense solution that will provide immediate relief to struggling patients.”

On average, prescription drug prices cost twice as much in the U.S. as they do in Canada. Legislation to allow Americans to import mediation from Canada and elsewhere has been introduced numerous times in the past but has never moved forward despite bipartisan support.

RxRights is a national coalition concerned about the high cost of U.S. pharmaceuticals and dedicated to promoting and protecting American consumer access to sources of safe, affordable prescription drugs. The RxRights website includes information on how to choose a safe international online pharmacy.

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  1. William L. Shpengrover

    I have, in the past, purchased prescription drugs from Canada. I think any
    competition to our drug manufacturers will help. Choosing the drug mfg.
    in Canada is very important and can be found by research on those firms.
    I urge all older Americans to sign this petetion.

  2. If there was ever an argument for socialized medicine, it is today in the US, especially with regard to pharmaceuticals. T’is a shame Big Pharma and the US Government cannot commit to a transparent and fair evaluation for the cost of meds. I believe the Canadian system is far more fair and should be adopted by the US. Efficacy is a better evaluation of value and selling “snake oil” has become a shameful American characteristic.

  3. Ronald M. Rosen, MD

    Its ashame, Anne whenever its private companies we’re dealing with like US banks or US pharmaceuticals there is always graft, greed & corruption. So much money is so poorly spent. Why do the US pharmaceuticals and US banks need to spend MILLIONS of DOLLARS just to lobby our government???Is there a reasonable system of checks & balances in place so American’s actually know what’s happening?? Have you already forgotten the last recession?? Guess What??? NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!!! American’s already know the answer..Are Millionaires & Billionaires necessarily the best candidates for elected office??? Maybe they have nothing better to do. USA huge banks & huge pharmaceutical’s money influences greatly the way our elected officials vote. I demand limits on the amount of money spent on lobbying. I also demand limits of the total money spent on campaign’s for elected office.,Ron Rosen, MD

  4. the average, person, 61 (my wife) because she gets a whopping @200.00 a month for disability, disqualifies her for insulin. The current price where we live is $288,00 a month. That is $288.00 per vial. I am on disability, and we have many medical conditions, all permanent, that make it next to impossible without family assistance to purchase the insulin. What do the companies expect us to do? Seems they would just assume my wife would die. All because of greed.

  5. Do you know of any good Canadian pharmacies ? That would help greatly:

  6. We have tips for finding safe and legit online pharmacies on our website:

  7. Count me as supporting a law to give U.S. citizens access to fairly priced pharmaceuticals from Canada. I am increasingly convinced that Congress is throwing the people under he bus for their corporate mentors. Time for this to stop. The young hedge fund manager who felt he could increase the price of a life-saving drug from about $17.00 to over $700–per pill per day–he’s a poster boy for those who think they can, with the support of Congress, screw the people with impunity. Time for this to stop.

  8. Check I have been using them for 3 years and they give me much better prices and service than my local Kroger pharmacy.

  9. Northwest is a very dependable source.

  10. Advair is 1/5th the price thru a Canadian pharmacy !

  11. It’s a God-sent to be able to get med’s that are affordable to us people that who can’t afford the American prices. I wish i could, I would rather buy American but when the pain exceeds our limits or we are so sick that we can’t function it is so wonderful that we have a place to go to get relief with Med’s we can afford. Please continue this practice of ordering Med’s from Canada.

    Thank you so much
    Barry L Barley

  12. My (Onglyza 5mg) costs $1,270 for a 90 day supply from my Part D Medicare supplier driving me into the Donut Hole by mid-year. I can get the exact same Ongyza 5mg from Canada for $154.00 for a 84 day supply. This makes my other medication more affordable by using my Part D pharmacy for these medications and Canada for my Onglyza. Please allow prescription drugs to be purchased from the most cost effective source. If you have a valid prescription from your Doctor you should be able to purchase your prescription drugs where they are the most reasonable cost.

  13. We’re glad to hear you have found importation to be a safe and affordable alternative! And we agree, Americans should have the right to purchase prescription drugs where they’re most affordable.

  14. My husband (64 yrs old) was injured at work and has lost his insurance which covered both of us. The doctor sent 3 prescriptions to Walmart. The cost without insurance was $498.49!! My heart dropped when I heard this amount. There is no way we can afford our next 90 day supply. I don’t want to lose my meds so I’m trying to find a cheaper, safe alternative. They should make buying from Canada legal which may bring down the cost here in the states! If Canada can sell meds for less then our drug companies should do the same! It’s ridiculous!

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