Lee GraczykMeet Lee

Lee Graczyk is lead organizer for RxRights. Lee has been a tireless, long-term advocate for drug importation.

Lee was driven at first by the fundamental unfairness of U.S. drug pricing. In more recent years, Lee gained a more personal connection with this issue when his own health issues necessitated exorbitantly priced prescription drugs.

Lee has a background in compliance and state government. For a number of years, he served as public policy director for the Minnesota Senior Federation. There he organized monthly bus trips to Canada to ensure that seniors could obtain prescription drugs at an affordable price.

In 2004, Lee helped to establish a prescription drug importation program for the Minnesota Senior Federation. The program is now maintained by Mature Voices Minnesota, a nonprofit organization led by Lee that works for seniors’ rights. The successful program currently has 2,200 members who can order safe and affordable prescription drugs from Canada at savings of 20-80 percent.


/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Headshot.jpgMeet Melissa

Melissa Maki serves as communications specialist for RxRights, managing our blog, website, social media and online advocacy efforts. She gets fired up about social injustices. Like for instance, the fact that big pharmaceutical companies continue to rake in profits, while Americans—especially older adults and those without health insurance—struggle to afford their necessary medications.

Melissa has expertise and experience in working with nonprofit organizations. She has worked on a number of significant issues in the past, including domestic violence, women’s health, and sustainability. She worked for several years as research communications coordinator for the University of Virginia. In this role, she promoted university research, both in online and print publications, and through e-newsletters. In addition, Melissa spent a year in Belgium working as a freelance journalist. She continues to pursue freelance writing projects.