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Be informed and engaged! Learn the facts about the attacks upon your continued access to imported medicines by pharma lobbyists and their friends on Capitol Hill. Peruse our website (we update it weekly) and sign up for our email updates so that you stay up to date with our actions.

Engage with us on Social Media! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily news related to affordable health care. Chime in on the conversation. Tell us what matters to you!

Write letters!

Write to your local newspaper editor (you can find their contact info on our website). Educate your community about the need for safe and affordable alternatives. Prescription drug adherence has risen to the level of a public health crisis—nearly half of uninsured Americans did not fill prescriptions due to cost this past year!

Write to your elected officials! You can look them up on our website. Tell them why having access to affordable prescription drugs matters to you!

Tell your friends and family! Educate your family and friends. Tell them that 5 million Americans each year, including many elderly, safely import their needed prescriptions. If the ability to import medicine is taken away, their health will be in jeopardy.

Tell your story! We have been collecting testimonials from citizens throughout the U.S. who are struggling to afford their needed medicine. We’d like to have at least a few testimonials in each state. Fill out our form and we’ll add your story to the map.

*Call the White House (202-456-1111) and express your concerns (see talking points below).

*Long distance fees may apply

Tips for talking to elected officials

When talking to elected officials and their staff, it’s important to be courteous, keep comments brief, and stick to the point.

1) Be respectful.

2) Include key points, such as:

- Your main concern
- Reason for your concern
- A suggested remedy

3) Include an emotional appeal or personal testimonial. If you need examples, we have a number of compelling testimonials featured on our website.


  • Cinder

    MY name is Cinder…I am a seven year old Australian Blue Heeler and I have glaucoma…when my owner discovered that he could treat me with the same medication used by humans to treat the disease…, he took the prescription from our vet to a local drugstore and ordered 2 bottles of 2.5 Mil (very small) and they wanted to charge him $240…he loves me very much!!! …that is when he did an internet search and found 6 bottles for $114 shipped from Quality Prescription Drugs. I have been relieved and more comfortable since… as the only other viable alternative was to remove my eyes. Thank you Quality Prescription Drugs.

  • Judy

    My husband takes Ranexa for angina – he has many heart problems – We are retired on fixed income – 3 months of Ranexa here in NY is $749.00 – No generic available in US – We order generic Ranexa: Ranolazine from Northwest Pharmace at a cost of $200.00 for a 3 month supply. Would not be able to afford an angina med if we had to order in US. SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH Pharmacucical Companies in US – GREEDY!!!

  • Judy

    You are so very wrong – One does need a phycians script, but meds are great and much lower in price than in US