Tips for choosing a safe online pharmacy

Finding a safe online pharmacy

Looking for a safe online pharmacy? Over 5 million Americans import their prescription drugs from safe and legitimate international online pharmacies each year. In doing so, they save an average of 50 percent or more on their medications. At a time when record numbers of U.S. citizens are going without their needed medications due to cost, online access to affordable medicine from abroad is crucial.

However, it’s important to be cautious when searching for an online pharmacy. There are rogue entities posing as pharmacies out there. That’s why we recommend that consumers follow some basic best practices when choosing an online pharmacy.

If the online pharmacy you are considering does not meet the following criteria, you should seriously reconsider ordering from them.

A legitimate and safe online pharmacy:

  1.    is licensed in its country of origin
  2.    guarantees patient privacy and confidentiality
  3.    requires an original copy of a written and signed prescription from the patientʼs doctor
  4.    features a legitimate street address and phone number on its website
  5.    has a licensed pharmacist reviewing orders and available for phone consultation

These are all requirements that consumers expect from a local U.S. pharmacy, and should demand from any international online pharmacy as well.

In addition, you can find reliable information about safe online pharmacies on the following websites: and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). These organizations certify the safety of online pharmacies based outside of the U.S.

CIPA members sell Health Canada-approved medications from their licensed pharmacies in Canada and also have relationships with regulated international pharmacies and inspected fulfillment centers based in other parts of the world that sell and directly deliver medications to patients from where they are located., based in New York, conducts online verifications, pharmacy inspections, and compliance tracking, to identify safe international online pharmacies. The site helps consumers shop safely and also compare prescription drug prices.