Top three insulin makers face class action lawsuit


We’ve been working with some allies concerned with the high cost of insulin. Through these connections, we found out about a class action lawsuit focused on insulin prices.

The lawsuit, brought by a firm called Hagens Berman, alleges that the top three insulin manufacturers, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, have been committing fraud by illegally raising the price of insulin for many of the 29 million people in the U.S. living with diabetes.

The firm is seeking class action members for the lawsuit. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and have paid high out-of-pocket costs for Lantus, Levemir, Novolog or Humalog in the past 4 years because you are uninsured, have a high-deductible plan, or have a plan with high coinsurance rates, you may qualify for participation.

Find out more by clicking this link. There is no cost to participate. If the suit succeeds, members of the class action could receive some form of compensation. At the very least, this is an important step towards breaking up the insulin racket!

Read the New York Times article about the suit.

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  1. michelle deeson/tessier

    i was paying $10.00 dollars for the last 3 months for my lantus with a discount card but today i go into walmart to pickup my lantus insulin and they told me it would be $264.00 i don’t have that kind of money or insurance to cover that prescription.i’m a brittle diabetic without ins. and have no way of getting my medication.i’m pending for ssi but who knows how long that will take


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