Video testimonials from Americans who can’t afford U.S. drugs

You probably know that we’ve been collecting testimonials from people throughout the United States who are struggling to afford the high price of medication.

To further illustrate our point, we wanted to create some video testimonials, to show that these are real people with real stories. Unfortunately, professional video production is expensive and we didn’t have the resources for it. Thankfully, some talented and industrious volunteers stepped up to help us.

With their assistance, we recently completed three videos. We are very pleased with the results and wanted to share the videos with you. Thanks to those who assisted with video production and those who were brave enough to share their stories on camera!

Please assist us by sharing these videos with your friends, family and colleagues. You can share this page via social media/email (upper left, by the article title). You can also share the videos directly from our YouTube Channel. Spread the word, Americans deserve access to affordable medicine!

*We’re still collecting written testimonials too. Share your written story. Please note: there may be a delay in posting stories. If you are tech savvy enough to create your own high-quality video and are willing to share your experience, please get in touch with us.




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