What are Rx Rights worth to you?

Do you find our updates about prescription drug pricing valuable? Do you save money because you import your medications from another country?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, please think about how much you value our efforts to protect your access to affordable medicine. If you can, consider giving to the cause.

We recognize that times are tough for everyone. We can relate. RxRights is a nonprofit organization operating on a shoestring budget—and frankly, that shoestring is about to break.

The timing is ironic. The drug pricing issue has finally gained momentum in the media. Voters named drug pricing as their top health care issue this election season and said they overwhelmingly support price controls or caps on drugs.

When voices are raised in unison, change is inevitable. Now is a critical time to fight for access to affordable medicine.

As opposition to predatory pricing by drug companies grows, PhRMA has stepped up its defensive efforts. The drug lobby just increased member dues by 50 percent, which means it has $300 million in its coffers. You can bet the industry will use every tactic available to protect profits! That amount of money can buy a lot of influence.

Now more than ever, consumers need an advocate like RxRights to:

  1. stop the confiscation of imported medicine
  2. amplify the voices of consumers struggling to afford medicine
  3. serve as a resource for consumers on how to find a safe and affordable online pharmacy
  4. legalize safe and affordable drug importation

With your generous donation, we can continue our work to amplify the voice of people like Doug.


 If you can relate to Doug, consider supporting our efforts to take a stand against Big Pharma. If you import, you know how vital it is to keep this virtual lifeline to medicine open. Will you donate a portion of your savings towards the cause? A gift of even $10 can help.

We pledge to keep fighting for access to affordable medicine as long as we are able. Thanks in advance for your help and for your continued support!


Lee Graczyk
Lead Organizer, RxRights

P.S. You can also donate by check made payable to “RxRights.” Mail it to Lee Graczyk’s attention at: 2550 University Ave W, Suite 350 S, St. Paul, MN 55114. You can also help by taking action via our website.